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2013-08-27 11:11 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: The Sunset Fic Master Post

A Collection Of All My Fics In One Handy Place

Oneshots and Short Multi-Part Fics:The Survival Saga:Survival Saga Shorts:
  • Sunsets and Sand (Gen) (Salad Exclusive) - Bdubs and Guude enjoy the sunset at the beach.
  • Bury Your Sins (Gen) - In the aftermath of the news that befell upon the group, Guude is left to think things through. Some things weigh on his mind more heavily than others.

Nebtho Aprication Month:
  • Day 1-4 (18+) Nebris / Etho - Cuddles (Naked), Kissing (Naked), First Time, Masturbation.
  • Day 5-8 (18+) Nebris / Etho - Blow job, Clothed Getting Off, Dressed / Naked (Half Naked), Skype Sex.
  • Day 9-13 (18+) Nebris / Etho - Against The Wall, Doggy Style, Fingering, Rimming, Dom / Sub.
  • Day 14-17 (18+) Nebris / Etho - Sweet and Passionate, 69, On The Floor, In a Public Place.
To Give and Take:
  • Part 1 (18+) Nebris / Etho - Etho has Nebris where he wants him.
  • Part 2 (18+) Nebris / Etho - Thoughts and feelings are revealed.
  • Part 3 (18+) Nebris / Etho - Sometimes you have no control.
  • Part 4 (18+) Nebris / Etho - Regret has never tasted so bitter.
  • Dreams - A TFG Prelude (18+) Nebris / Etho - In which the subconscious mind has a strange way of telling you things.
  • Not Salad For Work (18+) Etho / Tibby - Smutty drabble.
  • Salad Ficlets (NSFW) Various Salad / Mindcrackers - Slightly smutty drabble.
  • So Close (NSFW) Anti / Pak - Things get hot and heavy but some people just have bad timing.
  • When Later Comes (18+) Anti / Pak - Anti finally gets what she wants.

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2016-01-16 11:15 pm
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Of Scorned Merit and Disposed Truth

My secret tax goat fic.
A repossession and re-imagination of
Thero’s To Thee I So Belong. Specifically set as a prequel surrounding the poem featured in the original.

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2015-02-09 05:31 pm
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Here's To Us (And Never Saying Goodbye)

Even though there's a pretty darn good chance that canon's gonna nullify most of this stuff at some point in the future, have some mildly feelsy Thog and Moren friendship stuffs.

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2015-01-16 10:15 pm

My Lion Skin Is Paper Thin

Ashe is alone on the deck of the ship late at night, left to collect her own thoughts.
My secret santa gift to Amber.

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